Top Dental Care Tips
Brush two times a day
In morning and evening
Keep good tooth paste
Choose good quality tooth brush
And always keep smile
  Choose Best Toothbrush
Choose better quality toothbrush
Take and advice from your dentist
Toothbrush prevents dental disease
Chosse good plastic toothbrush
  Choose Best Toothpaste
Choose better quality toothpaste
Try to purchase small toothpaste tubes
Check the tubes before purchasing
Choose the paste accrording to your taste
  Dental Insurance
Take advice from your family dentist
Evaluate the available dental insurance plans
Do not take cheap dental insurance plans
Choose insurnace plans according to your salary
  Dental Clinic Address and Our Specialist Doctors

Dr. Bravo Jones and Dr. Garry Jones are running Dental Clinic

Dr. Bravo Jones is BDS and also He is specialist in MS . His timings is from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.

Dr. Garry Jones Gold Medalist in BDS and Specialists in Dental Surgery: Dr. Garry Jones has 4 years experience in Dental Surgery in various hospitals in USA Timing of Dr. Garry Jones is from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm

Note: Kindly note that Clinic will be close on Saturday and Sundays. But in case of emergency we can check up the patient.

Our Location:

7890 - DE W, 21900 Street

New York, USA

Phone: 1-800-0975-0877